Yarra Valley Wine Tasting Tour

We also did a full day tour with Yarra Valley Wine Tasting Tours during our Melbourne trip. The trip started with a pick up in front of Her Majesty’s Theatre at Exhibition St. Our tour van came around 9 am with a chirpy and super friendly driver/tour guide. Here are our itinerary for the day:

  1. Yerring Farm
  2. Yarra Valley Dairy
  3. Domaine Chandon
  4. Rochford – Lunch
  5. Oakridge
  6. Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery

I will not bore you with more writings here, so let’s these photos show you how our day tour was. Unfortunately, I only realised that we hadn’t taken many pictures of the wines themselves while doing this post ◉_◉ By the way, the weather was alright in the morning (cloudy but not raining) then started sprinkling after lunch and pouring later on all the way until we got back to Melbourne again.

My favorite winery of the day!
Entrance and foyer to tasting area


I find the display unique and interesting, don’t you?

The friendly lady at Yerring Farm gave a swift Wine 101 lesson which I picked up few cool facts and pointers. The wines are beautiful, but I like their apple cider most. It feels wrong to love the cider more than wines when you are going on wine tasting tour? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But, we certainly were not the only ones feel so about their cider (☞゚∀゚)☞


The glorious Yarra Valley Dairy cow 🙂


Super yummy cheeses
More wines…
Various handmade jams and spreads


Not far from the Yerring Farm winery, we reached Yarra Valley Dairy for cheese tasting. Look at those cozy display, what a pretty shop right? I had to restrain myself from buying everything from this shop hahaha. Love their Persian Fetta in garlic thyme oil and House of Cow (cow cheese with herbs) especially! We ended up bought couple jars of these two very yummy cheeses.Been having that feta on salad most days since we were back from Melbourne 🙂

And here we are at the famous Domaine Chandon – truly magnificent view from here!




Interactive screen on wine processing – interesting!




By the time we were leaving Domaine Chandon, it started sprinkling, the wine yard view was actually more beautiful somehow. Next stop is more wine tasting at Rochford, but also lunch (included in the tour package). At this point, I was really hungry and much in need for some solid lunch – no more wine, please!! And to that reason, we totally forgot about taking pictures of the wines and area 🙁 The only pictures taken at Rochford were our lunches!

Slow Cooked Spring Lamb Shank with Pearled Cous Cous, Peas & Mint
Braised Fillet of Swordfish with Sabago Potato, Fennel &Tomato Nage

Hubby said his lamb shank was tasty and fall-off-bone tender, whereas I felt my fish was overcooked and was just ok taste wise. The other fellow tour participant who ordered crispy chicken maryland said it was also very nice and really has crispy skin. I guess I just didn’t make the right choice 🙂

Last but not least was the wine tasting at the beautiful Oakridge which was also not documented. It was pouring so we didn’t wander around to take pictures of the wine yard. But, I must say the wine yard is pretty. Luckily we remember again to take pictures at the last stop, Yarra Valley Chocolaterrie.

The premium chocolate bars – sinfully delicious and very pretty packaging. Apparently, a local artists did the painting for the packaging.
More hand crafted chocolate truffles. They also have display for ice cream, which were very tempting but we didn’t think we’d have time to finish them before trip back home.

And that concludes our Yarra Valley Wine Tasting Tour day – what a day! A real treat to all senses: magnificent views, clear air, nice tasting drinks and cheeses and chocolates.

Yarra Valley Wine Tasting Tour

32/211 Wellington Parade, South East Melbourne VIC 3002

Phone: (03) 9650 0888




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