Warung Teges, Ubud

Please pardon the lagging in my food review posts from our (not-so) recent Bali trip. We moved home just two weeks ago then haven’t had internet at the new place since. Now that we are settled, I just have to post about this one place that really left such a wonderful impression. Our driver recommended us this place when we were talking about the non-mainstream eateries around Ubud, and he told us about Warung Teges. Warung Teges only sells one dish namely nasi babi. And apparently this is one of the locals favourite in the area and not so much known by tourists as yet.

So, we asked to stop by at this place on our transfer from Bakung Ubud to Oasis Sanur. We arrived there at around 10.30 am and we were the only patrons along with two others. The warung size is rather small with about 10 tables, but I have seen reviews elsewhere that they have ample seating in the backyard as well. We ordered and paid on their food counter then within few minutes our food arrived! At a glance, it looks very similar to other nasi babi guling. There are pork satay, crackles, tender spiced meat, crispy skin, some other bits of pork, urap sayur along with steamed white rice. But only when we ate it, we understood why it is a local favourite! So delicious…

If you love nasi babi in Bali, I am sure you would have visited the famous Pak Malen, Pak Dobiel, Pak Candra and many others. This one is so different in term of heat level, it is not that spicy, but you can taste all the other flavors from different spices used. The chili does not overpowering all other spices meanwhile you can appreciate all other flavors singing harmoniously! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy all the other nasi babi as well, ones that are super duper spicy. A definite place to go back to if we are going to Bali again!

warung teges2

A portion of nasi babi at Warung Teges costs only IDR 30,000 (approximately AUD 3)



Warung Teges

Jl Cok Rai Pudak, Ubud, Indonesia

Phone: +62 36197525

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