Wagyu House Sydney, Croydon

I just realised we had been to many Korean restaurants lately as reflected on my restaurant review posts. I guess they are extremely appealing especially during the colder seasons; but generally we enjoy the flavours anyway 🙂 The most recent Korean restaurant we tried out is Wagyu House Sydney, which is a BBQ buffet style restaurant.

Wagyu House Sydney is located on the busy Parramatta Road, Croydon – not exactly easy to get to by public transport. For that reason, we often passed this restaurant and yet never tried it for years. Only recently, we came to hear more about this place, how good their meat qualities and really good value for money. For those reasons, we decided to give it a try and yes, we are HOOKED!

First of all, as mentioned above its location is not close to any train stations. So, easiest transport options would be driving or by bus. Do note that they do not have big parking area, perhaps enough for 10 cars or so. On the last two occasions we went there before the busy dinner time, we could find parking inside the restaurant easy enough. But if you come during the busy times, you’ll probably need to find a street parking.

The restaurant itself consists of two building, separated by that small uncovered parking space. The building on the right side is where the main dining area where there are ample of seating. Also in the same area is where you can get the side dishes, rice, soup and carious seasonings. The left building is where you get your meat and ice cream. There are a few seating in this building, which I guess is only open when the other building is full.

So when you come here, first visit the seating area and the waiter there will assign a table to you. They will give you a ticket which you then bring to the other building for payment before grabbing the meat. Then head back to your table and enjoy the rest of the two hours slot. What impress us most is the quality of the meat also the options available and that they always refill them. There is never a time when we would find an empty meat platter, the same experience as many others have said as well.

Wagyu House Sydney - the seating area
The seating area


Wagyu House Sydney - Fried rice, fried noodle, soup and sauces
Fried rice, fried noodle, soup and sauces


Wagyu House Sydney - The side dishes
The side dishes, love their mashed potato salad especially and those refreshing watermelon chunks!


Wagyu House Sydney - meat selection


Wagyu House Sydney - meat selection


Wagyu House Sydney - meat selection
And more meat…


Wagyu House Sydney - Free stewed egg pot
Free stewed egg pot, 1 per table


Wagyu House Sydney - vanilla ice cream
Last but not least, the vanilla ice cream with several topping options 🙂

It only costs $29.95 per person and for all those options available, we think it is a really good value Korean BBQ buffet restaurant. And most of the meat are actually fresh meat and good cuts. The marinated ones are also very tasty, our least favorite would be the honey soy marinate. But the rest are delicious! And for that, we would definitely come back again and again 🙂


Wagyu House Sydney

668-670 Parramatta Rd, Croydon NSW 2132

Phone: (02) 9797 9999

Facebook page


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  1. Korean cuisine is exquisite, in its ingredients and preparation. I also love how generous Korean restaurants are with portion sizes and hospitality. Thanks for sharing this great article 😉

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