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As mentioned in previous post, we left booking for a room here until about three months before our trip. The reason being, we did not plan to stay at any of the Tokyo Disney hotels at all. The plan was to stay at an AirBnb throughout our time in Tokyo and made a day trip to Tokyo DisneySea. That all changed when I researched for DisneySea strategy. While reading on a good strategy to plan for our day there, I bumped into some blogs about the hotels. And there went our initial plan, we decided to splurge and stay just one night at either DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta or DisneyLand Hotel. And as it turned out, we ended up staying one night at each hotel (✿´‿`)  But, it was going to be a once in a lifetime splurge (we said at that time, pretty sure we will make up excuses in the future).

Anyway, being three months away from our trip, mostly all the rooms have been booked. And only then I realised majority people actually booked their room six months before, as soon as the booking window become available. The only rooms available when I first looked at it was the suites, which costs range from ¥250,000 to ¥500,000 per night! As much as we liked to, we just could not justify spending that on accommodation just for one night 🙁 So, yeah that was devastating – but as some people suggested, just be persistent and check out the availability page every day as many times as possible. And one day, finally a room became available; even better a Porto Paradiso Side Superior Room with Partial View. Woohooo…


hotel miracosta
Ain’t this sweet? ❤


Earlier when we checked in at Tokyo Disney Resort Welcome Centre, Maihama Station, we were also given 3-day monorail passes. DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta is on the third stop of the Mickey-themed monorail ride. We got to the hotel at almost 8 pm that night and were rushing to the lobby; hoping that we could see some fireworks or show from our room or the lobby at least. Our first impression was how grand the hotel is, even from the outside to the lobby! Every details inside the hotels was stunning; especially the ceiling of the rotunda which features paintings of each ports of Tokyo DisneySea.

Check in process took a little longer, I guess because they need to print our customised room key cards. I love how everyone here (staffs and guests) all wore a big smile on their faces 🙂 I am sure it’s true what they say about DisneyLand (or in this case, Sea) is the happiest place on earth, hey? After getting our key cards, we were told to wait a bit in the lobby for the staff to fetch our luggage and walked us to our room. While waiting, I could hear the sounds of fireworks but could not see clearly pass the glass windows. I could only see a giant Christmas tree with a huge crowd all over the place.


miracosta lobby
View of the lobby from upper level


Anyway, eventually we were escorted to our room 4147 and it was amazing with sea themed! I think it shows some signs of ageing but still in great condition. Of course the first thing I did once entering the room, was rushed to the window to see our view. The view was partially blocked, but we could see Mount Prometheus so clearly. And Hotel MiraCosta being the only Disney hotel that is located within the theme park, I could see all those happy faces of the park goers from my window.



The perk of staying at one of the Disney resorts is getting the 15 minutes earlier admission to theme park. You might think 15 minutes does not sound like a long time at all – but it could mean whether you get the Toy Story Mania ride or not. I did not know how true that statement would be until we went to DisneySea the next day! We did not get to try any of the restaurants in this hotel; but our stay was awesome. We had a really good sleep here and we left the windows slightly open through the night so we could hear the Disney songs played from the theme park. Another unverified tip when staying here is to get your park entrance ticket directly from the hotel as well. You may purchase the ticket online after booking your room or do so at check in. I have read that they might offer you a special ticket that can be used to access both DisneySea and DisneyLand; or a free half day ticket. This is unverified because we already purchased our ticket before we decided to stay here, so do let me know if that is true 🙂


Gift shop inside Hotel MiraCosta
Gift shop inside Hotel MiraCosta


Check out process was quick and smooth. We told them we would be transferring to Tokyo DisneyLand Hotel that day and they arranged for our luggage transfer. Oh by the way, they also gave me an “early” birthday card! Inside was the birthday card with a birthday sticker. I did not expect this at all and was overwhelmed with such a lovely gesture 😊


My early birthday card from Hotel MiraCosta
My early birthday card from Hotel MiraCosta


Yes it is pricey, but if you could spare some budget for it, I think you should try staying here to complete your Tokyo Disney experience. It was exciting wake up to DisneySea view so close and seeing the staffs preparing for the day. Then you get to enter the park via a special entrance 15 minutes ahead of the other people (there was actually a pretty long line for the express entrance as well, but it moved very quickly).

Stay tuned for how we spent our day at DisneySea and review on Tokyo DisneyLand Hotel  \ (•◡•) /


Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta

Tokyo DisneySea

1-13 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture 279-8519, Japan


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  1. Good information. It was interesting to compare with other Disney parks. They certainly know how to do things first class.

    1. Glad you find it helpful 🙂 It’s our first ever Disney experience, so we had no idea how others park compare to the Tokyo one. But, it really was amazing one.

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