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As we exited Tokyo DisneySea, exhaustion started to catch up – after all it had been a long yet extremely fun day. We were glad that we decided to stay in a hotel close by than going to an AirBnb near Shinjuku. Even better, we were going to spend the night at Tokyo DisneyLand Hotel. We scored a room here before we got one at DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta, so we booked ahead just in case we would never get a room at MiraCosta. But as we later got a room at MiraCosta, I got greedy and would not cancel this one :p

Firstly, we took the monorail to Ikspiari for dinner. Felt a bit run-down, we decided to get some takeaway and eat at the hotel room. After walking around and had not decided on what to get, we went in the supermarket and bought some bento boxes and drinks.




Then we went back to the monorail for a ride to Tokyo Disneyland station, from where we walked about 5 minutes to the hotel. Unlike DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta, Tokyo DisneyLand Hotel is not inside the theme park. It is newer than the MiraCosta, with a lot more rooms and therefore is bigger. There is a pretty garden in front of the hotel, then as we walked inside and took the stairs up, there the huge marbled lobby with all its grandness. The massive chandelier, a doll house in display, seating, everything was just perfect. It gives a more modern feeling than Hotel MiraCosta, a different charm.



Check in process here was also swift and again they offered us another 3-day monorail pass. We then were escorted to our room and it was the park grand view room. Our room was in level 5 which is good because our view of the park would not be blocked by the monorail. We could see the castle from our room window, albeit in a bit of distance away. But we enjoyed the fireworks from our room while we had our takeaway dinner 🙂

The room layout was similar to our room at MiraCosta, where the toilet is separate to bathroom. But there is also an extra mirrored dressing table in the room, opposite the bathroom sink. The bright yellow pastel colour paint through out the room gives a cheerful vibe. We got a king size bed in here as opposed to twins bed at MiraCosta. Their pyjamas were also in the similar yellow pastel colour; whereas light brown at MiraCosta hotel. There is a small table with two chairs by the window.



Again, we had another really good sleep at DisneyLand Hotel. They have coined laundry facility here, which we used the next morning. There is also a very nice gift shop within the hotel, a convenience store, and few restaurants. This time, we had breakfast at one of them and was an excellent choice. Do make a reservation for the restaurant ahead to ensure you can get in at the time you wanted. We had just made the reservation at check in and was told the only available slot was at 9.45 am. It worked out well for us as we could sleep in a little bit and get the laundry done first.


Sherwood Garden Restaurant

We had breakfast in this buffet restaurant located on ground floor of Tokyo DisneyLand Hotel. There are wide range of food options available: traditional Japanese meal and Western food. We tried various Japanese meal here and they were all yummy. The pastries were light, flaky and buttery as well; particularly love their fresh juices!


Sherwood Garden Restaurant


Our Japanese version breakfast





The pictures above portray only a few sections of the buffet tables. There are a lot more options available on the buffet table that I failed to take picture of due to the crowd. To summarize, the Sherwood Garden Restaurant did not disappoint us for breakfast buffet – in terms of options and taste.


Tokyo DisneyLand Hotel also has some charming character rooms, which I heard the Peter Pan rooms are awesome. We did not get one of these as the only ones left were the quadruple rooms and we did not need it. Actually we got a glimpse of Mount Prometheus as well from our window, which was a sweet reminder of how awesome the past day been!


View from our room window in the morning


The gift shop here was huge and I would have been wanting to purchase everything if not remembering our budget 🙂 There is also a boutique where girls can get a fabulous Disney princess dress and we actually spotted few little girls dotted on the costumes throughout the hotel.

Check out process was swift again where they processed the final payment and that’s it. I was a little sad leaving Tokyo Disney Resort, indeed the happiest place on earth – knowing that our holiday was almost over. We would definitely love to come back again if budget permits, but absolutely will go back to Tokyo DisneySea!! Both hotels are equally memorable to us and excellent, but perhaps Hotel MiraCosta won just a few more points for being located inside Tokyo DisneySea. And that is such a unique experience in my opinion.

To add the excitement, there are so many hidden Mickeys in the whole hotel. We found a few, please let me know if you found any more in the most obvious places that we missed 🙂


Hidden mickey in the table at our room


Did you spot the mickey-shaped balloon? This picture is behind the reception desk


More hidden mickeys pattern on the marbled floor


In the garden


On the various balcony/exterior patterns


At the Tokyo DisneyLand monorail station





Tokyo DisneyLand Hotel

29 – 1 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture 279-8505, Japan

Phone: +81 47-305-3333

Tokyo DisneyHotel Website


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    1. There are a few in Asia: Japan, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. However, there is only one DisneySea Park worldwide, which is located in Japan – correct me if I’m wrong 🙂

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