Thai BBQ Chicken aka Gai Yang

We first tasted this dish years ago from a Thai take away across our old apartment and won our hearts since. It’s one of the reason we had Thai take away fairly often back then, well apart from being lazy to cook 😛 they actually cooked very nice Thai Fried Rice and Lard Na as well. We shall go back again to take some photos and I can share them in here (ok noted, that’s another to do list!).

We don’t get much Thai take away these days, haven’t found a good one near our new place here. There are a few Thai restaurants around but nothing as good as what we got before. Consequently I look up gai yang recipes to satisfy our cravings 🙂

I stumbled on this Youtube recipe which is very easy to follow and suprisingly a very simple recipe that packs big flavours. Here is the link to the video and to her blog page. I have made this numerously and have since made a little adjustments to suit our taste buds, for example adding extra bird eye chillies for extra punch, dash of ground turmeric, a little bit of palm sugar as well as couple tablespoons of coconut milk to loosen all ingredients for blending. I think the palm sugar and coconut milk adds the creamier taste to the marinate sauce and make it even nicer (according to our taste).

I usually make a batch of this on the weekend and put aside marinated in the fridge for weeknight dinners, where I can just quickly grill them up for dinner after work. Here is how we had them last night, in skewers and pan-grilled by hubby.


gai yang

Note that mine looks a lot greener that the usual gai yang, maybe due to the fact I have used a lot of coriander for the marinating sauce. Love the flavor and fragrance though!

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