Stoneage Korean BBQ, West Ryde

We went to another Korean BBQ restaurant again, another one on our wish list to try. And especially the weather had been perfect for BBQ that night when we went there, it was so cold and windy 🙂 We made reservation few days ahead, just in case it might get too busy and it did on the day! So, remember to call and reserve a table ahead if you plan to come especially during busy times.

They have a very simple menu, it is all about BBQ – all the various meat cuts and very few other dishes only. Unfortunately, you will not find the seafood pancake or different types of stews/hot pots here. But then again, as the name suggests it is a BBQ place so let’s hope they have outstanding meats on that front.

We decided not to get the package options and chose the meat we wanted only. And these were what our dinner looked like:

The side dishes


The meat, nicely cooked and cut for us. From top left clockwise: pork belly, ox tongue, beef rib, and marinated pork ribs.


And, of course the fluffy tasty egg pot…


They are very generous with the side dishes, albeit not many choices. The waiters kept checking with us if we need a refill of anything. The meats are yummy, we especially love the ox tongue and marinated pork ribs that we ordered second servings of those  (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

The highlight point of this restaurant is that the waiter actually cooked for us in our burner. They laid the meat on the burner, come back to flip the meat and to put aside the cooked meat. Then rushed back again to change the pan before starting another serving of meat. And still managed to get everything well cooked, not under and not over. We are really happy with this arrangement as we can just sit back and enjoy the meal. Looking at the waiters cook in 1 table then move on to the next and back and forth, it really looks like a scene of Dinner Dash game!

Overall, a highly recommended Korean BBQ restaurant in the area and would love to return again. The menu are fairly priced, good quality of meats, great service and no worry of burning your meat \ (•◡•) /


Stoneage Korean BBQ

1B Chatham Rd, West Ryde NSW 2114

Phone: (02) 8385 0059


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