Simple Hydroponic with Plastic Bottles – to be updated

A while ago, one of my friends’ posted on her facebook page about simple hydroponic using plastic bottles and just some simple growth medium to grow lettuce in house. Ever since reading that post, I have been wanted to give it a go mainly due to the fact it doesn’t use soil hence less problems with pests, also my apartment can definitely accommodate this space-efficient system without backyard. And no, I am not growing marijuana or any thing illegal at home, just want to try grow some lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and and chilli 🙂 Wouldn’t it be really satisfying to cook up something from your own harvest.

I haven’t started doing anything in regards to this project, apart from saving up few plastic bottles and research on what nutrients I needed, whether my local Bunnings carry those, and what are the alternatives. Me being clueless about gardening, got so confused with all the options nutrients out there (there are really a lot to choose from). So, we are planning to pay a visit to Bunnings this Sunday and hopefully I’ll find everything I need then I can get started with this project.

Have you readers done this? Any advises and pointers are welcome 🙂

Update coming soon (hopefully…)!

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