Shortstop Coffee and Donuts, Melbourne

We were heading back to City Tempo after lunch and while staring at the Google Map for directions, Shortstop suddenly popped up. As it turned out the location is very close to City Tempo, we made a quick stop at Shortstop for their famous donuts. Learned from previous experience, when it’s location is in a small street or lane, you just have to pay extra attention for name plague. But Shortstop on other hand is very easy to locate, you could not have missed the glass wall, crowd and display of beautiful donuts.



The cafe is quite small in size with minimalist interior and very few seating. We actually came here twice, this first time we just got the take away donuts. Then we dined in on the second time when it wasn’t as busy. When walking in, you’ll see a coffee counter and cashier counter next to it and then a glass display of each of the different flavoured donuts for the day. It was as if you are looking for antiquities display in a museum (。◕‿◕。)

These excite me much!
These excite me much!


And of course we must try the hyped Australian Honey And Sea Salt donut because it just so different to your usual donuts. Then hubby decided he wanted to try the Maple Walnut And Brown Butter one. We were too excited and forgot to take a close up pictures of these two and only remembered after we gobbled them down ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The honey and sea salt donut is certainly unique, both in flavour combination as well as the texture. It was less sweet than the other one, being balanced by the salt flakes. But the texture is just interesting, light and airy on the inside with crisp glazed on the outside. The maple walnut and brown butter donut is totally different to the former. This is more similar to your usual kind of donut in texture but the topping is very yummy. Mind you, it is very sweet – but then again, something you’d expect from a donut, right?

On our second trip here, we tried  Boston Cream and Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake plus their coffee. They used Market Lane’s Seasonal; Blend beans. By the way, they have only whole milk for their coffees, but turned out really nice. Smooth and not too rich at all – we usually get flat while in skim because most of the time it is too creamy and rich otherwise. But the coffee here was very very good (read: memorable), even on whole milk. Both donuts are delicious and fluffy with sweet smooth cream filling inside.



These donuts are certainly not something you’d treat yourself everyday – not just they are sweet, they are not cheap either. But, I’d love to have them every once in a while and wash it down with a cup of their coffee.


Shortstop Coffee and Donuts

12 Sutherland St, Melbourne VIC 3000


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