Sari Organik (Bodag Maliah) & Seniman Coffee, Ubud

Every time we went to Bali, I had always wanted to try out this place. I read a lot of good praises for this restaurant, but we just never made it until our most recent trip. The main reason was always due to its location, a fair bit of walk from main street Ubud. And there are never shortage of choices to pick in Ubud as well. But, this time I insisted to come and we went there by the rented motor bike:) It was challenging to find our way here, got lost a few times. But in Bali (as per our own experiences so far), just nicely ask people around you and you’ll be fine!

At first we used Waze app to find our way to a Sari Organik Restaurant and it led us to the branch in Penestanan. In there we asked how to get to the one with rice paddy view aka Bodag Maliah. It gets quite rough once we got into the small  walkway in between rice paddy fields. I was so amazed at the surrounding: the rice fields, the sound of bamboo turbines that keep birds away from paddies, the farmers, few small yoga places, few more cafes. It felt like you are far away from Ubud Center, although sadly I think in few years time that area will probably be filled up with villas or other accommodation types.

sari organik1

The road to Sari Organik is not very shaded, so by the time we got there we ordered three glasses of juices right away. Only after that, we took our time to read through the menu and the surrounding to absorb the pretty view. The seating area is on top of their kitchen, an open air area looking out to paddy fields all around. There are lesehan style seating around the side and corners of the restaurant with heaps of cushions.

sari organik6

We ordered nasi campur bali and chicken kebab. Both mains are delicious, the seasoning is very light handed and definitely not spicy at all. But the vegetables are awesome, they are fresh and crisp and yummy. Hubby thinks that his chicken kebab are a little too try and stringy, nonetheless he still enjoyed them well 🙂

sari organik2

sari organik3

sari organik4

Various organic supplies for sale, such as coconut oil, soaps, incense, etc.
Various organic supplies for sale, such as coconut oil, soaps, incense, etc.


After all that yummy lunch, as we headed back to our hotel, we stopped at Seniman Coffee. Here are what we ordered, that chocolate cake is super delicious! Not overly sweet, hint of salt flakes, and just smooth almost mousse-like consistency of chocolate.

seniman coffee3

seniman coffee1

seniman coffee2


Sari Organik aka Bodag Maliah

Subak Sok Wayah (Middle of ricefield north of Raya Ubud)
T: (0361) 972087


Seniman Coffee

Jalan Sriwedari No. 5, Banjar Taman Kelod, Ubud

T: (0361) 972085





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