Sakae Yakiniku House, Eastwood

We had heard about Sakae Yakiniku House a while ago but never had the chance to try it out ourselves. And finally the chance came up a few weeks ago during the holidays. I think it is more known for its buffet package; but since we came without a reservation ahead, we could only get the a la carte dining and were only limited to 90 minutes. By the way, we went to one in Eastwood and they apparently have another outlet in Marrickville as well.

Sakae is Japanese style restaurant which I thought similar to Suminoya in the city. Their buffet menu is also somewhat similar to Suminoya’s. But since we didn’t do the buffet package, I wouldn’t know how the meat quality here in comparison to the others.

sakae menu
The menu


The Food

Without further ado, here are what we ordered for dinner. Mind you, these were all for 6 people hence a lot more food than usual 🙂


sakae side dishes
The side dishes

They provided four types of side dishes. From top left pictures: kimchi, edamame ($5.80), spicy seaweed cucumber salad, tangy lettuce salad, and pickled tofu skin. They all tasted delicious and flavoursome.



These are what we ordered, pictures from top left: tuna almond salad ($8.80), vegetarian spring roll ($7.80), eel $16.80), and deep-fried soft shell crab ($15.80).


Karei Karaage – deep-fried flounder ($18.80)


Wagyu Beef Platter ($80 for 2 people)


We felt some of the dishes were hits while some were misses. The servings were generous, for example the eel were in thick slices and hubby said they were delicious. There are some cuts on the meat platter that were quite tough and chewy – but others were really tender and juicy. The deep fried flounder was nice and crispy yet succulent meat. Overall, the meal was ok for the price – probably not that good that made us look forward to go back to.


Sakae Yakiniku House

1/6 Hillview Road, Eastwood 2122

Phone: (02) 9874 2277

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