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Undoubtedly one of the big attraction of Bali is how affordable it is to pamper your body and soul. I have never done a review on massage services before, because I haven’t tried that many also nothing has been that spectacular. However, this time I just have to share with you all about this hidden gem, namely Juwuk Manis Relaxing. By the way, this is my honest opinion and we don’t get any benefit whatsoever out of this. In fact, my selfish self would have loved to keep this just to ourselves!

I stumbled upon one of thread in TripAdvisor forum about massage in Ubud and the author wrote very highly of this place. So when we went to Bali last year, I contacted Miss Sony (the lovely owner of Juwuk Manis). She responded very promptly and fit us in her schedule; she would come to our hotel on the agreed date – how convenient! Unfortunately, Miss Sony couldn’t come on the day but she sent another therapist, who did really well too! So, of course on our last trip to Bali, we contacted Miss Sony again and hoping that she would be available this time and she was! So, we truly thankful for that forum author who recommended Miss Sony, and I felt compelled to do the same and share this goodness, too.

Miss Sony started her career as massage therapist at one of Ubud’s hotel, namely Wapa di Ume. She left her job there for another role in Movenpick Hotel and Spa in Dead Sea, Jordan. And three years later, she finally returned back to Bali with better training and more experiences. She mentioned how she loves the rice paddy fields surrounding in Ubud and that inspires her to start her own massage business. Juwuk Manis is located in the very heart of Ubud, surrounded by rice paddy field and it’s serenity. We had our massage at our hotel room both times, so I can not review on the place. Nevertheless there are so many praises on TripAdvisor about Juwuk Manis location and how peaceful it is. Here are some pictures of Juwuk Manis that were provided by Miss Sony herself and judge for yourself 🙂


juwuk manis

Juwuk Manis offers varieties of massages, but I would definitely go for her signature massage. It is a mixture of Balinese, Thai, shiatsu, acupressure and lomi lomi massage. From what I gather, she uses coconut oil that was pressed by her mother and infused with lemongrass and other spices. The massage itself is not just relaxing, it goes beyond that. Miss Sony is very skilled and really knows what she is doing. She would find the knots in your muscles without you telling her. You’ll feel so relaxed and light after your massage session, and if time permits, please do the body wrap as well. It is really interesting sensation when she rub those spices and wrap you up with sarong, plastic sheet, and another later of towel. And meanwhile the spice works the magic to your body, she will massage your head – blissful!

Miss Sony (left) and her theraphist
Miss Sony (left) and her therapist

So, if you happen to be in Ubud and have some spare time, please do your body a favor and contact Miss Sony. You’ll be surprised how good it feels afterwards! What’s better is her charge is so inexpensive for the service you’ll get.



Juwuk Manis Relaxing

Ni Wayan Soni

Phone: +62 822 236 093 242

Email: sonybentuyung@yahoo.com


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