[Review] Gelato Factory, Seminyak

Since we missed our favorite pistachio gelato from Gusto Gelato the other day, we set out to find other places and hopefully it can satisfy our cravings. On the second last night of our trip, we headed to Seminyak and set the Waze App to go to Lelo Lelo. I read plenty of reviews of this place about how good their gelato and was keen to try. But alas we got lost, couldn’t find it and it started sprinkling so we stopped at Gelato Factory instead.

Located at Jalan Kayu Aya, it is definitely in the prime location of Seminyak. But when were there, there are no other customers, I guess it’s rain and almost dinner time so people must have stayed inside or out to restaurants instead.

They have many flavors of colorful gelato available and all of them looks really yummy. And of course, pistachio is also there!


Can you guess what we ordered? We both each has 1 scoop of pistachio gelato of course. Then rum and raisin for me, meanwhile coffee or tiramisu (can’t remember now) for hubby. They tasted really good actually, very rich and creamy even richer than Gusto’s. But in the meantime also packs with flavor, not just sweet 🙂 And that waffle is so good, thin, crispy and sweet with a hint of saltiness. In fact, the waffle left more impression than the gelato!


The cafe is so bright, felt like they went overboard with lighting. But I do love the wooden shelves on the wall, do you notice the old sewing machine? Isn’t that cute?

The lighting set up somehow reminds me of spider with it’s long legs! ಠ_ಠ
The menu

It was still pouring after we finished our gelato and we were kind of stuck there. So hubby ordered a cup of flat white which was not bad at all. Unfortunately, this was not documented so I can’t share the picture. But the coffee totally washed down the sweetness of gelato ? Perfect end of the night and the rain also almost finally stopped, so we could head back to the hotel.

Gelato Factory

Jalan Kayu Aya No. 32, Seminyak

Phone: +62 361 739124



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