Restaurant Review – Suminoya, Sydney

Suminoya is the sister restaurant of Rengaya (North Sydney) and Koh Ya (now in Randwick) that serves Japanese yakiniku, either buffet style or ala carte. It is located at a little alley way near Martin Place, which may not be easy to find if you haven’t looked it up on map beforehand. I reckon they are almost always busy, so booking ahead is definitely recommended. When I made the booking for dinner buffet option over the phone, I was offered two slots of time: 5.30 pm (when they just open) or 7.30 pm, which of course we chose the earliest 🙂

They offered two options of yakiniku buffet: Gourmet Buffet and Premium Buffet. Gourmet buffet is priced at $45 pp, whereas Premium buffet is priced at $55 pp. As seen on their menu, there are more options to choose from the Premium Buffet option, such as sashimi, wagyu beef loin, pork loin, and many more. Also on the Premium Buffet option, you can get unlimited order of beef tongue which was limited to one per person on the Gourmet option. I think their beef tongue is best, thin, tender and just lightly seasoned.

On our first time visit, we opted for the Premium Buffet, which was not disappointing at all. The salmon sashimi are delicious and very fresh, of course we ordered heaps of those beef tongue, beef harami, wagyu beef loin, beef ribs, marinated chicken pieces, salad, soup, edamame, eel rice, garlic prawn, and many more. Indeed as many people said, the 90 minutes just went by really quick; nevertheless we left the restaurant with super full tummies 😀 But sadly they don’t have gyoza on the menu, we love the gyoza at Koh Ya when in was still located in Double Bay area.

Without further ado, here are some pictures we “remembered” to take on our dining trip to Suminoya. A lot of the time, we were just way into the bbq-ing and forgot to take pictures as the ordered were delivered or as we cooked them.

The entrance and shop front


Various meat on bbq, seaweed salad, garlic butter prawn, eel rice, mashed potato, and green tea-black sesame ice cream

Suminoya Japanese Restaurant

1 Hosking Pl, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 9231 2177




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