Restaurant Review – Peace Harmony Restaurant, Sydney

Here is another overdue restaurant review that has been sitting on my draft for a while now. This was our first time dining in the Peace Harmony, although we have had take-away once before. Peace Harmony is a vegetarian restaurant serving Thai cuisines and they have two locations in Sydney, one in Erskine St and the other in King St. This review is for the Erskine St one.

The restaurant is tiny, there were probably less than 50 seats available; which I guess explains why many people mention that it is better to do take away here. We went there around 5.30, so technically it is pre-dinner rush hour, and there were only 3 tables occupied when we were there. We were acknowledged by the service staff and seated right away, given the menu and only took our order when we called out.

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This time we ordered Satay Chicken, Roast Duck Red Curry, and Chilli Basil Stir Fry with rice. Waiting time for the food was quite long considering it was far less than full-house, it took almost 30 minutes before the satay chicken came out, then another 15 minutes before the rest came. Ok, does the food worth the wait? The satay chicken definitely does! Yummmy…. Even hubby thinks that we should have just ordered 3 servings of them! The roast duck red curry is nice and we both love the “roast duck”, but the red curry is too sweet to our liking; but it is enjoyable. As for the chilli basil stir fry, it is tasty, well-balanced of salty and sweet and slightly spicy; in fact it is our second favorite menu of all three.

Will we come back again? Yes, but for take away only 🙂 It is so much easier to do take away, just give them a call to put your order and come back within 20-30 minutes to pick up. We will definitely be back for the satay, that’s for sure! Can you tell that they are not real meat? Yes, you can tell, but they are very tasty regardless; even for hubby who loves meat, had enjoyed the meal here and wants to come back again.

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Peace Harmony

44 Erskine Street, Sydney, NSW

Phone: 02 9262 2247


29 King St, Sydney, NSW

Phone: 02 9299 0419

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