Restaurant Review – On Ramen, Haymarket Sydney

Last Saturday when we were in Sydney CBD, we decided to try out a “new” place for lunch. Not necessarily be newly opened, but any places that we have always passed by and said we would like to try but never got to try. I must admit we don’t really eat out that often and if we do, we tend to go back to the places we have tried and liked. So, overwhelmed by choices, we were kind of walking randomly and finally stopped by this little Ramen restaurant tucked in the corner of Hay Street. We have definitely passed by this place few times before and kept saying we should give it a try but never had 😛

Since it was windy and cold that morning, we decided to have the ramen. They offered fairly extensive menu, ranging from the usual Japanese entree choices, various ramen, udon, curry, rice bowl and bento sets. Nothing really fancy and so reflects on their pricing as well, average Japanese dining prices.

on ramen menu

I love the interior, whilst it is such tiny space, you could tell they made effort to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. There are pictures of uber cute kitten and hand-written messages on the wall, which unfortunately I forgot to take the pictures. They even put mints on the bottle water, how nice!

Mint infused water :)
Mint infused water 🙂

I have ordered Miso Butter Corn Ramen and hubby ordered the Chicken Katsu Ramen Set. Flavour wise they are not bad, but nothing really impressive either. We think for that price, there are plenty of other places which offered better ramen.

Miso Butter Corn Ramen
Miso Butter Corn Ramen
Chicken Katsu Ramen Set
Chicken Katsu Ramen Set
Phone: (02) 9211 6663
Address: Shop 4, 181-187 Hay Street, Chinatown, Sydney, NSW

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