Restaurant Review – Izakaya Masuya, Sydney

Boy, hasn’t it been too long since my last post. I have been quite occupied with other tasks lately and haven’t found much inspiration to type here, but I am back now! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

A while ago we had a ladies lunch with colleagues in this lovely Japanese restaurant. It was initially for the International Women’s Day celebration,  after so many postpones to meet everyone’s schedules we finally had it booked for early May 🙂

This lovely little restaurant, which from the outside looks a bit shady (I must admit), but once you stepped inside it has that fancy and cozy atmosphere. We went there at around 12 and it hasn’t hit the busy lunch service yet, there were only 4 tables taken. Soon after we ordered, we can see diners started to filled in and not long before all tables are taken.

The service is quick, friendly, and staffs took order professionally, especially for our rather big group there has been no mishaps at all. We all happened to get the same meal for our lunch, which was the Healthy Lunch Set and some edamame for entrees. The healthy lunch set includes drink (wine/sake), assorted tempura, sashimi, a piece of teriyaki salmon, some kobachi side dishes, salad and miso soup plus a dessert.

The sushi sashimi are so fresh and very delicious, you get one piece each for prawn, king fish, salmon, and tuna sashimi in the package as well as three pieces of mini avocado rolled sushi. Then there are the assorted tempura, include sweet potato, capsicum, and pumpkin (I think); which are all coated in light crispy batter and doesn’t leave that greasy feeling afterwards. Big thumbs up for these little babies! On the top right partition, you get a piece of teriyaki salmon and some kobachi dishes include chicken karaage, agedashi tofu, zucchini and little taro balls (this is new to me and I really quite like this). On the bottom partition, there are a bowl of miso soup, green salad, soy sauce and dipping sauce for the tempura.

Then after the meal, comes the dessert. It is a vanilla ice cream with pieces of fruits (kiwi and strawberry), konyaku jellies, and some mochi pieces. I don’t usually appreciate vanilla ice cream as I find them too sweet usually, however this time it is actually very nice, not too sweet at all and when you eat it with bits of the other condiments they really compliment each other.

Another interesting point of this place is the bathroom. The usual way to flush is by pressing in the flushing button or wave in front of it (if it has the sensor function). Now the toilet here doesn’t have either those functions, but there is a pedal. Yes right, a pedal just like in your car! You step on it and voilaa it flushes, that is cool right? 😀

All in all it has been a great lunch: great food and happy tummy! If you come in group of four or more, consider book ahead as it can get too busy.

Here are the pictures (credit to my colleague Vanessa who took these shots):

Mazuya1 Mazuya2

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