Restaurant Review – Ale Ale, Pontianak, Indonesia

This is another super late post from our trip back home September last year. During our very short trip to my hometown, Pontianak, we visited this restaurant which my family had been going in the past but kind of forgotten in the recent times somehow. The restaurant name Ale Ale refers to a type of shellfish that are found in a small fishing town in West Borneo, called Ketapang; hence their famous dish is spicy ale ale stew. Upon researching on the internet, apparently ale ale can also be found in other part of Indonesia and called with different names. I think they look quite similar to pippies, don’t you think? They are fairly small in size compared to mussels, the shells are whitish and so are their meats are kind of whitish and almost transparent. Here is a picture of ale ale shellfish, courtesy of Google Search.


Now. the restaurant is mainly semi outdoor, with part seating consists of the usual tables-chairs in the middle and on the side are seating on floor with low tables (aka lesehan). On that occasion we chose the lesehan style for a more casual dining. Ale Ale (the restaurant) offers not only the shellfish, also various Indonesian and Chinese food options. Here are what we ordered:

Ale Ale1
From top left: Spicy Ale Ale Stew, Crispy Prawn with Spicy Mayonnaise, Anchovy Sambal, and Grilled Chicken
Ale Ale2
From left: Crispy Calamari, Spicy Fern (Pakis), and Fried Rice for my nieces

We definitely had a delicious and memorable dinner at Restaurant Ale Ale Podomoro, and all that only costs about AU$30, bear in mind that is for total of 6 adults and 2 kids! So, yes we are certainly going back to this place when we are in town again 🙂

** Some other recommended menus are: Sour and spicy fish stew and Black pepper beef ribs.

Pondok Ale Ale Podomoro

Jl. Putri Candramidi (Podomoro), Pontianak, West Borneo, Indonesia

Phone:  +62 561 763048




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    1. Yes, come to my hometown and if you open to non halal food, you’ll find a lot there! 🙂 Shame I didn’t take many photos during that short trip, otherwise I could do a post on all the yummy food.

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