Rengaya Yakiniku, North Sydney

Since we tried and happy with Suminoya, I had been wanting to go to its sister restaurant, Rengaya. Located in North Sydney and has the highest price charge ($86 per adult) in the group, naturally we expected superb dining here. It certainly did not disappoint 🙂 Just make sure to have a reservation before coming here, especially during busy dinner times and weekends or public holidays.

We booked for early dinner and when arrived, there were only few other tables occupied. The interior and service felt more upper class compared to the other sister restaurants. It had been a while since we went to Suminoya, so perhaps it has changed as well. The ordering system at Rengaya is by putting your order yourselves via the tablet they handed to each table. Whereas, at Suminoya while we were there, we had to call out to the waiter for order.


Entrance hall


The other good thing at Rengaya was the unlimited order for ox tongue (the best!!!). We ordered so many portions of these super thin slices of ox tongue 🙂 Hubby was a little disappointed that they do not offer unagi rice bowl here, but the other options here kept him happy. The meat quality were excellent – I love how the Japanese style BBQ usually have their meat in thinly slices and their marinate is usually very subtle.

Here are what we had. By the way, these were all for four people 🙂


The ox tongue – super delicious


Salmon sashimi


Various meat cuts – we ordered a few and were delivered together in a serving


More meat and king oyster mushroom


Mushroom with garlic butter


Egg soup


Prawn cocktail salad and Seaweed salad


Salmon & avocado salad and Salmon flake rice


Mango, black sesame and green tea ice cream for dessert


The verdict

I think the place is good for special occasion for that kind of steeper price compared to its sister restaurants and its up class setting. But then again you do get the unlimited order of ox tongue which is such a delight. There are a few options I love at Suminoya which are not available here, such as unagi rice bowl and gyoza. I also heard that it is actually better to dine here a la carte, since some of the nicer meat cuts are not available on buffet options. So, perhaps if we do come back here again in the future, I’d try the a la carte dining.



73 Miller St., North Sydney, NSW 2060

Tel: 02 9929 6169



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