Patricia Coffee Brewers & Mr Burger

I think during our stay in Melbourne, we probably had too much coffee per day. But then again, how can you resist those little coffee shops with long queue? Another coffee shop we found from online review is Patricia Coffee Brewers and as it turned out also located nearby to City Tempo, we decided to go.

A short walk from the hotel and thanks to the trusted Google Map we reached this little coffee shop. There were already many people lining up in front of that tiny door for their morning dose of caffeine. And so were we joining in the queue, which didn’t take too long at all. By the looks of it, a lot of the customers are regulars that all the staffs seemed to know their names. Love such places, don’t you? The cafe is small and only standing room (no seating area inside as far as I can tell) and only few chairs outside. The staff will serve sparkling water to waiting patrons, which we think was a great service.

A friendly lady at the cashier took our orders efficiently and  since we couldn’t decide which coffee blend we wanted, we just ordered one of each. And both single origin and house blend were very nice, one is smooth while more fruity taste on the other. Service was really quick, coffee were at good temperature, everything was just spot on.

Look at people lining up in front of that tiny door!
Glimpse of coffee counter from outside, it was too crowded inside to take pictures 😛


From here we walked around to Queen Victoria Market then took a tram back to city centre and walk through shopping arcades and lane ways. It was a fun walk, so much to see and got excited about! Suddenly we came out on Flinders Stations and decided to take the tourist tram and complete a full city circle ride 🙂 The ride went up to Docklands and then made a way back to LaTrobe St, which then we took off near Swanston St.

We were amazed at how spacious the isles are and how clean and organised those vegies on display
Our most favorite place of the market – the deli section! Super clean, no any funky smell or whatsoever. And seriously look at those cheeses and antipasto, bread, pasta, and the list goes on – beautiful!


Even wines and tea and coffee…
The arcades and alleyways


We headed to Mr Burger, a place we spotted on our first day arriving at Melbourne. This one is located on corner Swanston St and LaTrobe St. There are about five or six tables in front of the “truck”with couple of high tools surround each table. Hubby chose a Mr Hot; whereas I got the Mr Chicken, still not sure why I made that choice. We also shared a large Trucker Chips, which was sooooo yummy…..




The buns are soft with a very slight hint of sweetness that balances the sauces and meat really well. They are generous with the sauces and yes it always messy when you eat a good burger. The chicken was actually very succulent with crispy on the outside, but we felt it was just ok, nothing to rave about. Hubby’s Mr Hot was really good, with crispy bacon and although it says Mr Hot, it was not very spicy at all. The chips are great, lots of spicy mayo and cheese with tiny bits of bacon, we were over the moon ~(˘▾˘~)  (~˘▾˘)~




Patricia Coffee Brewers

493-495 Little Bourke Street (Corner Little Burke and Little Williams St), Melbourne VIC

Phone: (03) 9642 2237

Mr Burger

Melbourne Central

Corner Swanston St and LaTrobe St, Melbourne VIC

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    1. Makasih udh bertandang yah Mbak Helma 🙂 Di Indonesia rasanya sekarang banyak banget tempat yg keren2 deh sampai aku yang envy pengen pulkam dan nyobain hehehe

      1. Hahahaha. Jadi nya malah envy-envy an ya mba. Sama-sama keren berarti. Tapi aku suka baca cerita-cerita di blog ini mba, berasa ikut jalan-jalan. Hehehe

        1. Awww thank you so so much for your kind words mba Helma, you made my day! Sama aku juga seneng baca post2 nya mba, detail dan foto2 nya bagusss. Happy weekend yah mba, ditunngu post berikut nya =)

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