Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Bu Mardika, Ubud

We sure tried many new places on our last trip to Bali, including this dish. Opposed to what we usually eat at Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Bu Mangku, this time we tried it’s sibling’s. Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Bu Mardika is located few doors down from Bu Mangku’s, in the same side of Jalan Kedewatan. We heard about this place a while ago and yet every time we went to Bali, we had always came back to Bu Mangku’s and never had disappointed either. But this time, we wanted to explore new options and here we came.

We read somewhere before that the owner of this place indeed is sister to the famous Bu Mangku. Whilst there are few branches of Nasi Kedewatan Bu Mangku all over Bali, I believe there is only one branch of Bu Mardika’s. But surely it cannot be that bad, right? After all they are sisters and if the recipes were passed down from generations before then it cannot be that different, right?  \ (•◡•) /

There is a visible sign above this restaurant, and knowing it’s approximate location makes it easier to find. We just paid better attention to restaurants after we passed Bu Mangku’s and there it is the blue sign. From the outside, it looks fairly small with only few tables. But once we ordered, the lady led us through the small doorway towards the backyard. The seating area in the backyard actually very similar lay out to Bu Mangku’s however in smaller scale.

Backyard seating
Backyard seating

There is only one dish on offer here just like at Bu Mangku, namely nasi ayam – everything mixed in one plate or dishes separated from the rice. You can ask for extra spicy or less spicy according to your liking. We both ordered the one-dish nasi ayam, hubby asked for extra spicy whilst mine was medium spicy. Our order then arrived within minutes and looked awesome! There are urap, generous portion of rice, ayam betutu, half egg, peanuts, sate lilit, sambal, and some crispy bits of chicken. Also a small bowl of spicy broth on side in case you feel the sambal is not spicy enough already.

Nasi campur ayam
Nasi campur ayam – only Rp 20,000 (slightly less than AUD 2)


The spicy broth
The spicy broth
The verdict

We think it is not bad at all, the portion is slightly bigger than Bu Mangku. Taste wise it is very similar, they are spicy and tasty, little more greasy but not bad. We feel the service is much better than Bu Mangku, the staffs are much nicer and friendlier here. And for that reasons, we’d love to be back here next time as opposed to go back to our usual Bu Mangku.


Nasi Ayam Bu Mardika

Jalan Raya Kedewatan, Ubud BALI

Phone: (0631) 974387; +62 81 999 023 025


2 thoughts on “Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Bu Mardika, Ubud

  1. Seems yummy. How does it differ from nasi ayam in Jawa?

    1. Do you mean nasi rames in Jawa? The balinese nasi ayam has balinese chicken in (cooked with lots of spices and it’s hot) and urap sayur (which I believe is also balinese style of salad).

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