Mr Stonebowl Restaurant, Burwood

A few weekends ago we finally paid visit to Mr Stonebowl restaurant that many has people raved about, including my brother and cousins. Their first comment aside from being served delicious food was that it is always packed! And because it does not take reservation, your best bet would be to come a little early for your meal, or a little later. Good thing is the dishes came out quick hence diners turnover are good as well. Bottom line is this restaurant is not a place for diners who want to have long chat while eating. That Saturday, we came at 11 for lunch, just on its opening time. And yes, many tables were already taken then.

Apart from the crowded issue, the dishes are excellent. There was nothing we would complain about the dishes, everything we ordered were delicious. Oh by the way, I guess because of the name, they use many unique crockery (you’ll see in photos below).


Garlic Prawn with Stir Fried Rice in Squid Ink ($18.80) – this is soo delicious!


Crab Meat with Tofu ($16.80) – love that crockery as much as the dish! Very subtle flavour with creamy garlicky and gingery gravy.


Deep Fried Eggplant in Bread Crumb ($13.80) – this is probably everyone’s favorite, those soft eggplants coated in flavorsome bread crumb, yummy. I think most people actually come to Mr Stonebowl for this dish!


Shandong Style Chicken ($15.80) – nothing negative to say about this dish either. Deep fried chicken in tangy, salty and spicy broth, yummy!


Pan Fried Pork Bun ($8.80) – not much to rave about, but not a bad dish either. The skin is not too thick, the meat filling is juicy and burst with flavor and broth once bite into it. It probably just overshadowed by all other super delicious dishes.


Mushroom Stir Fried with Vege ($11.80) – who knows a vege dish can be sooo delicious. The various mushrooms used in this meal add different texture and taste, definitely a winner for stir fried bakchoy dish.


Seafood Fried Vermicelli ($10.80) – generous with seafood and that tasty thick gravy over pan fried vermicelli.


We most definitely had a super satisfying meal at Mr Stonebowl, in fact I already want to go back there while doing this post. Oh by the way, those meals above were for 6 people! Good thing about eating out in groups is you get to try so many dishes at once 🙂


Mr Stonebowl

185C Burwood Rd, Burwood NSW 2134

Phone: (02) 8970 9605

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  1. Reminds me of a small restaurant in Singapore which is always packed. While we were eating, the owner stood nearby and stared at us as if saying “quick! quick! A lot more people are waiting in line outside for your seats” 🙂

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