Meet Fresh, Eastwood

Meet our current Taiwanese style dessert, Meet Fresh 🙂 Meet Fresh is the Taiwanese dessert chain that started in Sydney five or six years back (or actually, it might be longer than that). I knew it was popular for their taro and sweet potato balls in bowl of thin sugary syrup. Then it offered the icy shaved ice desserts which also attracted lots of interest. We used to love their mango shaved ice dessert – so refreshing during summer time. And it comes in a huge bowl, make it perfect for sharing 🙂

Unfortunately along the way, we thought the mango dessert was not as tasty as we first tried it. I think they have used frozen mango pieces instead and it was just bland, lack of flavour and fragrant as fresh mangoes. I understand that mangoes are seasonal and therefore they need to have backup plan using those frozen ones. It is just a shame, as they should have just offered the mango dessert during summer time only, which is the time where mangoes are in season.

Ah well, enough of the rant. Since we haven’t been back to Meet Fresh for such a long time, we though why don’t we try out something else for a change. It did not disappoint, we fell in love again! These were taken at Eastwood store, but being franchise chain I am sure they would somehow follow the same standard in every shop.

Our favourite: Signature Herbal Jelly
Surprisingly tasted good as well: Waffle with vanilla ice cream and banana

Without doubt, we ‘d come back for the Signature Herbal Jelly menu. When we first ordered this, we asked it for a cold version but without ice. I guess as winter is coming, the hot version would be a nice option. Love the herbal jelly, it is very tasty and fragrant, just like the herbal jelly topping at Gong Cha. The waffle was not bad at all, crispy on the outside and fluffy inside – served with ice cream, sliced banana and chopped walnuts.


Meet Fresh

175 Rowe St, Eastwood NSW 2122

Phone: (02) 8339 1031

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