Manmaruya, Ashfield

We still experience the worst of summer here in Sydney, where temperature reached up to 43 degrees in the west. Last weekend was no exception, it was really hot while we were out here and there mostly all day on Saturday. We spent first half of Saturday looking at property inspections around Ashfield and decided we should grab quick lunch in the area. After all there are plenty of choices to choose from at Ashfield, but we ended up at Manmaruya. Also on the note of Sydney heat, I think I will not do any more baking or much cooking indeed until it is cooler again 😛 So stay tune for more recipe posts probably in a little while…

The Cold Noodles menu


We got to the restaurant around quarter past twelve and there were still plenty tables available. We ordered the special lunch bento boxes whereas hubby tried their cold ramen.

Bento Box with Teriyaki chicken


Bento Box with Chicken Katsu


Bento Box with Pork Katsu


Cold Ramen


Those lunch bento boxes are really good value for your money no doubt, huge portion of rice and generous amount of delicious meat with salad and some small side items. As for the cold ramen, it really came like the normal ramen but with cold broth. The broth is so refreshing, it is a little bit tangy but very tasty, just perfect for a hot day. By the way, you can always upgrade your ramen portion to a bigger size if you feel super hungry 😀


Manmaruya Japanese Noodle Bar

217 Liverpool Rd., Ashfield NSW 2131

Phone: (02) 9799 6889

14 thoughts on “Manmaruya, Ashfield

  1. I love bentos. I miss Sydney or any part of Australia as I usually go 1-2x a year and yes heard the weather is not good as my friend went there a few months ago.

      1. I have been around Australia when we are still living in NZ so yes almost everywhere we’ve been. Now we’re overseas in another part of the World. If you haven’t been to Middle East yet in summer then scorching heat is a different name here haha!

        1. That is awesome, I really admire your travelling and been to so many places! Hopefully we can do more travelling in the coming years 🙂 Yes, that’s true – Sydney’s 40 degrees would probably feel like nothing compared to Middle East’s summer hehehe

          1. Perth is similar to here in Summer actually though it can be dry there and here it is humid. I love Perth that we almost live there too.

          2. We have never been to Perth, but would really love to go there. A friend of ours lives there and she often post pictures on her social media, and they are lovely… It is much less hectic than Sydney and has that laid back vibe in my opinion 🙂

          3. Yes it is beautiful and very similar to Auckland the reason I like it there and can live there without missing NZ so much. Try to go and visit and let me know your view. 🙂

          4. I have 1 post about Perth Pinnacles please try to find it if you have time. Perhaps one day I will talk about Australia (past travels) as my main post usually are about my current travels & life here in ME.

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