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Once we finished with check-in at City Tempo, we decided to have a walk around the CBD area. Short walk down the Queen St and we found ourselves looking at tram stops, how easy! But since we just missed the tram, we walked along La Trobe St towards Melbourne Central which then from there we boarded the City Circle Tram 35. Love the tram ride with commentaries, seeing the hustle and bustle of crowds, parks and historical buildings.

We then got off at Federation Square and walked up north through the famous Degraves St. Not really having any concrete destination, we just walked with Google Map as our guide. As we walked close to Little Burke St I saw Manchester Press on my Google Map and decided that’s where we are going for our first meal in Melbourne.

Okay finding the place itself turned out a little challenging even with Google Map on hand. I guess it just was not something we expected, the name is not very obvious from a distance 🙂 Wrong turns in couple lanes and we finally got there!


Manchester Press serves breakfast, salad and mainly bagels, also coffee course. We are not a big fan of bagels, I mean it’s nice but it’s not something we can’t live without. But since we are here, let be more adventurous and try something new. Also I’ve seen plenty of good reviews of this place before, meaning it must be doing it right.

Do you notice the little birdie on the top window sill?

There were plenty of people when we got there, probably about 3/4 full. We sat in the bench overlooking the street and a friendly waitress came over with menus. We asked what would her recommendations and she pointed that the BBQ pulled pork bagels are very popular as do the grilled chorizo or eggplant for vegetarian option. Following her recommendations, we ordered the top two and flat white. And soon enough our food came:

14 Hour BBQ Pulled Pork Closed Bagel
14 Hour BBQ Pulled Pork Closed Bagel $16
Grilled Chorizo Open Bagel $14.50
Flat white $4

Both bagels are served with crispy little pretzels and a piece of pickled gherkin. We thinks the bagels are nice without being too chewy, the topping are certainly flavorsome. Hubby said his BBQ pulled pork is very tasty; as for mine I really love that sweet and spicy sauce. It was a decent size meal for me, but I imagine it will not enough for big eaters 😛 Coffee was great and very smooth as you’d expect from any good cafe in Melbourne, right?

Overall, we were happy with their meal but the highlight here is the coffee. In fact we came back on our last day just for the coffee \ (•◡•) /


Manchester Press

8 Rankins Lane, CBD, Melbourne, VIC

03 9600 4054

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