La Floraison, Sydney CBD

The main reason we came to La Floraison was for their creative custom printing on drinks. It is located in Sydney CDB, very close to Townhall Station which is great location and easily reached. Honestly, I never heard of this place before I saw pictures of those cute drinks which then prompted me to look for their address and made the trip eventually.

So we came here on a Saturday morning only to find that they open from 12 noon. I thought this is a little odd considering this is cafe and people do get the drinks in the morning or at the very least during brunch hours. So we had to kill some time walking around Daiso (luckily just few doors away) for the open time. In that time, we noticed there was also another small family did what we did – came here way too early.

As they opened and we lined up at the cashier for order, I realised this place really must be alive mainly for their drinks. There were just a few cakes available on display, literally mean just a few. The lady in front of me was asking if they had such cake from the menu and was told they had run out. Anyway, I ended up getting a piece of cake to share and a hot drink for each of us. Upon payment, they will ask what design you would like to have on top of your drink. You can choose from numerous pictures available on the tablet and even send your picture to them as well.


La Floraison
The entrance – I think the decor is very pretty with flowers and hanging lights – fairy tale alike!


Here are what we ordered:

La Floraison
Red Velvet Cake


La Floraison
Taro Latte with Gudetama print


La Floraison
Matcha Latte with Sinchan print


The drinks were not bad taste wise, but the cake was dry and felt like it’s been sitting there for too long. We love how the drinks are not overly sweet and can absolutely taste the taro or matcha flavours. Also their price point is fairly expensive – but I guess you pay for the experience. After all, we enjoyed slurping the printed Gudetama and Sinchan over our hot drinks 🙂 Would I be coming back? Perhaps no, mainly because we have already experienced it and apart from the print, everything else was not outstanding.

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La Floraison

Shop 21 Level 9,501 George Street, CBD, Sydney

Phone: 0411 219 338

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13 thoughts on “La Floraison, Sydney CBD

  1. I’ve never seen anything quite like the printing on these drinks. It looks like a fun place to visit (even if it’s just once).

  2. Awesomeeee 😍 Bakalan bikin betah banget buat ada di cafe ini sih pasti, menarik makanan dan minuman nya

    1. Iyah lumayan menarik sih terutama minuman nya, instagramable mungkin yah 🙂 Sayangnya gak banyak pilihan makanan waktu kita kesana, kue nya banyak yang abis, cuma ada puding bentuk bunga gitu sama beberapa kue aja.

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