Kue Bahulu

I know this cake as kue bahulu in my hometown and it is one kind of cake that you can easily find in most traditional markets. I loved eating this cake and still do when I am back home. The texture is quite dense which then on the next day it will become dryer, but the best way to enjoy kue bahulu in that state is to dunk it to your tea or coffee! I haven’t had this cake for a while and suddenly saw a Youtube video of this from a Malaysian Youtuber, hence inspired me to try it out myself. I learned from that video also that kue bahulu is one kind of cake that is commonly served during Chinese New Year in Malaysia; certainly is valued more in Malaysia then in my hometown ◕‿↼ But nevertheless is still a very enjoyable cake that I have grown up with…

Here is the link to the video if anyone interested, she is very thorough and clear with instructions as well as tips. I made mine using waffle mold and turned out just as fine. Also, I like to brush the mold with salted margarine and again on the cake once you lift them up from the mold. This is just how the kue bahulu I know tastes like ლ(´ڡ`ლ) If you get to try this recipe, please let me know how you like them.



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