The Kettle Black, South Melbourne

Another cafe that I had wanted to go is The Kettle Black. There are numerous positive reviews and high rating of this place. Located in South Melbourne, it is easily accessible by trams from CBD or even walk past the beautiful parks. But on this occasion, we went there by tram. It was chilly and windy that morning and as always the case in Melbourne, this cafe was busy when we got there. Waited for about 15 minutes and we were shown to our table.

Outdoor seating…


More outdoor seating on the right…

These were our brunch orders:

Flat white for hubby


Soy chai latte for me, served with honey


Seasonal local mushroom – cooked and raw


Hot cake with ricotta, blueberries, maple, double cream, seed and nuts

Coffee was good according to hubby – maybe not wow, but good. I love my chai latte, it is warm and not overly sweet, definitely can taste the spices. Perfect drink for cold windy day!

The mushroom dish was spectacular, hubby said it was the most satisfying no meat dish he has had. All the mushroom there, whether cooked or raw, powdered, sliced, or whole; everything was beautiful and tasty. The goat curd was yummy without being too overpowering – perfectly balanced dish.

The beautifully presented hot cake, too pretty to cut into. It also tasted delicious!! The hot cake was light and fluffy, the maple syrup and double cream makes gives it just enough sweet and richness. The tartness of berries help to balance the sweetness. And those seeds and nuts gives multiple texture to the dish. This dish is probably best for sharing as it is huge, I am not kidding!

The service was great, very attentive and friendly; food came out quick. On top of that, it has a lovely environment. It was a happy visit to Kettle Black and no wonder all the praises it gets; would love to come back again in the future!


The Kettle Black

50 Albert Road, South Melbourne

Phone: (03) 9088 0721


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