Jongga Jip Korean BBQ, Eastwood

Finally we got to try Jongga Jip in Eastwood after passing it with big crowds in front of the restaurant so many times. Chinese New Year celebration came with excuse to eat out and after all the considerations, we decided to go to this place for its numerous good reviews. I was hoping it would be a nice (read: not so hot) day, but as it turned out to be over 30 degrees in the afternoon – nevertheless still we had good time and great meal. And what is more exciting than having Korean BBQ is those side dishes, right? 🙂

We got there at 6 pm and there were still plenty of tables available. But since it was our first time and it was a weekend night, so we reserved beforehand just to be safe. We were given table at the corner, perfect! Menus were distributed promptly and so were water. We might have over ordered this time as the platters came and there was just not enough spaces on the table. But to be fair, those 12 side dishes already took up so much space on the table anyway… So what we did was hit those side dishes first and let the waiter took them away to clear some space on the table for our order.

Here are what we had there:

The sauces and condiments


On the left are Marinated Pork and Ox Tongue;
On the right are all the side dishes


Left: Assorted BBQ Meat Platter; Right: Seafood Pancake (Medium); Top Right Corner: Jap Chae

Mostly everything were delicious: the ox tongue were thin and tender. So are the marinated pork, very tasty and nice cut hence not stringy. Seafood pancake was huge serving for a medium size and has generous amount of seafood in it. Unfortunately it felt a little floury, but hubby loves it. Jap chae was really delicious and also came in massive serving. I would suggest to rethink before ordering if you are sharing between two people only.

The meat platter was a little disappointing, mainly because the boneless beef ribs were chewy. But aside of that, everything else on that platter was lovely. If we are coming back again, we probably will not order the platter, but rather get the individual plate of the nice cuts we had tasted so far.

Overall we are happy diners at Jongga Jip and would love to come back. Although with so many choices available in that area, it may be a long time until we are back here again 🙂


Jongga Jip Korean BBQ 

87 Rowe St, Eastwood NSW 2122

Phone: (02) 9858 5160

Open hours: 10 am – 11 pm




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