Jeans Chilli Chicken, Eastwood

Another late post on Korean food, again! We went to Jeans Chilli Chicken about three months ago, right in the middle of winter. I took pictures of our meal and thought to do a post. Then we go busy with moving, etc and I had totally forgotten about it. Until I browsed through pictures on my phone and reminded of the super late post. Anyway, here go our review on Jeans Chilli Chicken.

Located within Eastwood Hotel on the corner of Rowe St and Railway Parade, you may miss this place. Especially it surrounded by many Korean restaurants nearby! As the name suggests, it is famous for its chilli chicken with generous melted cheese on top. And they really live to the its name, those chicken are hot! They are served piping hot on hot plate and also spicy hot. On first bite, they may not feel that spicy; then as you eat more, your tongue will start to feel that burn.

Chilli chicken with cheese

The other highlight of Jeans Chilli Chicken is their sesame seaweed rice with bits of tiny chicken pieces. This comes in a package with the chilli chicken, but you can always order more. It comes with plastic gloves, where you use to mix the rice well and make bite size rice balls. When mixed together with the sesame and seaweed seasoning, it is really delicious. I guess there might be mix of glutinous rice in it as they are fairly sticky in texture compared to the ordinary rice you would have in other Korean restaurants.

My favorite – the sesame seaweed rice

The package also comes with three small side dishes: kimchi, pasta salad, and pickled radish.  We have had much better Korean side dishes else where, but they somewhat relief the burning tongue from that chilli. The pickled radish is quite nice, actually – but sometimes they are lack of taste than other times.

The side dishes

Overall we really enjoy the chilli chicken and the tasty rice. And even that spicy burning feeling on our tongue, we still keep going back (and it has been for few years now). The chicken pieces are tender and well marinated. There is a distinct smoky taste/smell to the chilli chicken that we cannot replicate at home. Hubby has tried cooking chilli chicken at home, but we just cannot get that right. Once we do, we’ll definitely share it with you Readers so stay tune 🙂


Jeans Chilli Chicken

115 Rowe St, Eastwood NSW 2122

Phone: (02) 9874 1100

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