Jasmine – Rose CP Soap and Green Tea – Blossoms CP Soap

I have received my silicone soap log mold last week and I have made two batches of floral note CP soaps since 🙂

The first batch I made was this Jasmine and Rose CP soap, still using almost same composition of oil as my honey-oatmilk cp soap. Instead of oat milk, I just used water to dilute my lye in this batch and I added jasmine and rose oils for fragrances. the combination is lovely, my husband claimed it reminds him of Balinese spa 😀 Again, in this batch I don’t use any colorant, so this is the natural color of all the ingredients together.

The second batch was this Jasmine Green Tea and Gardenia, Orchid, Roses blossoms. I used real green tea to dilute my lye in this batch and thought I may have ruined it because the lye mixture was dark brown (I had hoped it to be light green/ brown), but as soon as I mixed it with the oil and go through the saponification process it actually turned to pale creamy colour, not as pale as the first batch obviously. This batch has that really fresh citrucy and floral fragrant as opposed to the first batch that was tend to sweet floral note.

I cut them up after about two days and they are just in the curing process now until the next four – five weeks.

Left: Green Tea Blossoms CP Soap (darker colour) Right: Jasmine - Rose CP Soap
Left: Green Tea Blossoms CP Soap (darker colour)
Right: Jasmine – Rose CP Soap

Can’t wait to use them and see how the fragrant holds up after shower! The only problem is my first batch turned out having lots of air bubbles in it. Learned from experience, my second batch is much smoother. I hope the air bubbles will not effect my soap in any way except the appearance.

Lots of air bubbles!
Lots of air bubbles!

UPDATE: I since used up 4 bars of these soaps and even though the Jasmine-Rose ones have lots of trapped air bubbles, they work just as well as the other one. We (hubbie and I) have not had any issued with the soaps, they are not drying the skin, even during winter they are fine. Really glad with the results and looking forward to make more 🙂

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