Hydroponic Project – Update 5 [HELP PLEASE]

Not so much of a green-thumb I am, two of the plants are dead now 😥 and I am left with only one of the chilli plant now. Hopefully, this one will grow strong 🙂

The shallots were showing good growth before and somehow one day it just turned dead, I suspect it because I left them all in the balcony and we had a day of very strong wind here in Sydney which might have pulled the root off the perlite. Whereas my other chilli plant somehow just dried up and withered, still unsure why that happens, there are still plenty of nutrients mix in the bottle. Anyone can help with guidance is very much appreciated.


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2 thoughts on “Hydroponic Project – Update 5 [HELP PLEASE]

  1. Hello, I am sorry to hear they are all dead. Looking at the picture it looks like there is not enough water in it for starter, It looks like the top of the pearl is dry and very hot for some time. Do you have enough water? maybe the plant was too hot? or too cold? That is all I have right now for brain storming I have gotten ideas from : http://www.jasons-indoor-guide-to-organic-and-hydroponics-gardening.com/hydroponic-system.html and also have found some info at: http://www.simplyhydro.com/ I hope that is helpful. I hate it when my stuff dies.

    1. Hi, thanks so much for dropping by and points to some directions. The perlites are damp to touch, but I guess you are right, might be still too dry. It is now autumn here and could get a bit chill in the morning and night, probably I should put it back inside and only leave it out during day.

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