Hydroponic Project – Update 2

Please read here for my initial research here and first update in here.

It has been five days since I put few chilli seeds in the plastic bottle hydroponic and everyday I have looked into the piles of perlite only to find not any living signs whatsoever. So I started research on this again, how to start germinate chilli seeds to be used in hydroponic and stumbled on a post about germinate the seeds in wet facial cotton pads. It claims that within 24 hours you should be able to see some developments.

Came home from work, I tried to dig in to the perlite with a toothpick to find those little seeds. I found three out of the five I put into the perlite, in fact 2 of them have sprouted tiny little roots! Ah well, just transfer them all in to the wet cotton pads. I also added two more, just in case those three will not going to survive.

Here are the pictures:



Update day 6:

When I checked on them this morning, one of those which had sprouted tiny roots yesterday has shown more growth 😀  I am curious to find out how the other seeds are going, whether they are going to live as well.

More updates to come, fella!

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