Hydroponic Project – Update 1

Update on my previous post about hydroponic project at home using old plastic bottle:

So this morning we finally made the trip to local Bunnings store to get the nutrients and growth medium for starting on my simple at home hydroponic project.

Here are what I got:

  • Bag of perlite for growth medium and root support
  • Aquasol nutrient, I cannot find a specific one for hydroponic system so I pick this water-soluble plant nutrient so hopefully it will work
  • Packet of mixed chilli seeds


Once we got home, my husband helped cutting out a 2 L plastic Coke bottle while I mixed the nutrient in water according to the package directions. I used old cotton pillow case cut in a strip as the wick and it seems working just fine transferring liquid from the base up to the top.

Here is what it looks like after I put everything together, on the right hand side I covered the plastic bottle with piece of paper bag to avoid direct sunlight to the base area:


Now let’s the waiting game begin, hopefully we’ll see the seedling grows in maybe a week?

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