Hakata Gensuke Ramen Professional, Melbourne

It had been raining on and off and windy since we arrived at Melbourne that day, actually the weather was also like that in Sydney as we left. And such weather usually calls for hearty meals right? As for us, we chose ramen and there is one in CBD that I have recommended to, Hakata Gensuke Ramen Professional. There are also plenty of positive reviews on the web, so hubby was really keen to try.

We walked through the little lanes from City Tempo, passed china town towards Russell St. There are so many temptations (read: other restaurants) on the way that we have to keep remind ourselves that we want Hakata Gensu ramen (ง’̀-‘́)ง

We arrived at the restaurant around 5.15 pm thinking that we might be their first customers since they will only be serving dinner 15 minutes ago. But voila, the restaurant was near full! Alright, that was not expected, but nonetheless a good sign.


The friendly waitress prompted us to our seats, left us a menu and two sheets of forms to fill in our order. On the form, you can choose which broth you’d like, texture of the noodle, how strong the taste, with our without spring onions, and any additional toppings needed.

Our food came not long after the waitress collected our forms. The ramen appeared similar to other ramen we have elsewhere, minus the egg (as we didn’t opt for extra topping). Don’t let the appearance fooled you, it tasted really good! The broth is delicious, not too salty or heavily seasoned with MSG. We have never been to
Japan, but I’d like to think this is how the real ramen tastes like 🙂 We also shared a plate of gyoza, which tastes just as fabulous.

Signature Tonkotsu ($13)
Gyoza ($5)

It is most certainly not the cheapest ramen around and they don’t even come with egg (like most others do). But, we think it totally worth the hypes – very hearty and delicious broth. We both would absolutely love to come back here next time we are in town!


Hakata Gensuke Melbourne CBD

168 Russell Street, Melbourne 3000 VIC

(03) 9663 6342



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