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One problem with having too many choices is you end up not being able to choose, any one agree with me here? That was how we felt on one evening during our Melbourne trip. I mean there are so many restaurants there, impossible to keep track of, and yet we just could not decide where to go. It had been a long day and we were just resting at the hotel while watching Food Network. The show was about exploring Korean food and that eventually inspired us to look for hearty Korean food in Melbourne 🙂

We often walk past Little Lonsdale St during our stay at Atlantis and there is a block where there are many Korean restaurants. Most of the time, there are always small crowd in front of the restaurants and even though we look at them curiously, we never happened to look closer. So, this time we walked past each of them and read their menu, see how busy the restaurants were and decided what type of Korean meal we wanted.

Since we were no going for Korean BBQ type, we ended up at Gukbab. And here are what we ordered:

Sundubu Ji-gae – $15


Cheese Bukdak – $19


And of course … rice! The only gave very few type of banchan aka Korean side dishes

The hotpot was so hearty, especially good for winter season. It has generous amount of meat, vegetables and tofu. The cheese bukdak aka stir fried chicken with extra hot chilli sauce and cheese topping was delicious and hot! It was not as hot on the first few bites but after a while, I started getting the chilli punch. But, it is still a tasty dish and I love how they cut the chicken pieces into bite sizes. A little disappointed with the banchan served, usually we get a few more types in Sydney, but were only served three types here. Banchan is usually one of the things I look forward to when eating in Korean restaurant, just because they are so many types of them and always a great experience to get something unusual 🙂

Overall, we had a warming and hearty dinner here. It was decent meal albeit not the most memorable one. As for price, they are kind of similar standard with other Korean restaurants here in Sydney.



Shop 1, 535 Little Lonsdale Street, CBD, Melbourne

Phone: (03) 9939 0380


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  1. Tried Korean food few times and loved it! The way you explained and those beautiful food photographs makes me absolutely drooling! Brilliant post!

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