Green Tea Mille Crepes

Started with some leftover thickened cream in the fridge from making the custard cream for crispy choux filling as well as matcha green tea powder that is going to expire in a couple of months, I was reminded of the green tea mille crepes recipe that I watched on Youtube a while ago. When I got a day off yesterday, I thought it would be perfect time to make one – I can use up all my thickened cream and green tea powder, also something I had never made before, hence I can share on this blog how the experiment went 🙂

I got the recipe from here and it really doesn’t seem difficult apart from making the crepes one by one. But yes of course, never underestimate anything in life hahaha! Seriously, it was really tricky to make a really thin crepe and I ended up made 2 batches of the recipe because I was only able to get 12 pieces of crepes from the first batch, as opposed to getting 20 pieces as directed in the recipe. 12 pieces of crepes makes a pathetic mille crepe, so I decided to make another batch.

On the second batch, I used a soup spoon (round-ish tablespoon) to pour in the batter and just spread the batter with the back of the spoon – this way I can actually get a thinner crepes. I felt this is more effective than swirling the pan as I did with the first batch. I just can’t get to swirl my pan fast enough to spread the batter thinly and some part would already be cooked, hence the crepes were rather thicker and took longer to cook. Also, remember to take off the pan from heat after each crepe to cool down; if needed, place it on a wet kitchen towel for 5 seconds.

I might make this again in the future and do a Nutella version (¬‿¬) yummmm


matcha mille crepe



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