Es Campur aka Indonesian Fruit Punch

Es campur is something we always long for on those scorching hot and humid days, and last weekend just happened to be that kind of days. Therefore we stocked up on various tinned fruits and sweet condensed milk to make our es campur concoction 🙂 It is basically various fruits served on shaved ice with condensed milk and/or extra syrup.

It is a very common dessert to be found in Indonesia, so common that you can find them from street vendors to restaurants, who of course serve them in more fancy ways. There was one street vendor located just outside our high school building and he sells a very nice es campur. He has the ordinary es campur and you can also opt for an extra orange juice to the es campur for extra kick of citrusy freshness, very yummy and refreshing.

Since we don’t have the ice shaving machine, I will just use iced water instead of shaved ice so it is kind of soupy. The fruits mix used in my es campur is fairly seasonal, whatever I can find in store, but I always try to have avocado, coconut meat and jackfruit in my es campur. And let’s not forget the grass jelly (in Indonesia, we use cincau) – this time I used green jelly instead of the normal black herbal jelly. Then topped with generous drizzle of sweet condensed milk, which in this occasion I also use some chocolate flavored condensed milk – yummm (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

And the final product is a big batch of sweet yummy and refreshing dessert. This can last for couple days while kept on the fridge. Es campur is one thing that never ever absent from our kitchen during summer every year 🙂 Although, I think next time we make this dessert again, we might want to substitute the iced water to iced coconut water for extra hydration and minerals benefit, right?



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