DIY Honey Oatmilk Soap

Since my first trial with CP soap (DIY Caffeinated Soap) and it ended up great, I am more keen to try on other recipes. And when I stumbled on this honey and oatmilk soap recipe, I knew I just couldn’t go pass it. Honey is well-known for its anti-bacterial benefit, packed with anti oxidants and can help with clarifying pores. Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory properties hence is really good for sensitive skin, moisturising, helps treat acne, eczema, and rashes. I can only imagine how good the soap be if I can include those two super ingredients together.

Again, in this batch I don’t use palm oil, instead I opted to use shea and cocoa butter and hopeful that they would make harder and moisturising soap bars. They actually turned harder than my first batch, but I think I will still try adding in some citric acid next time to make them harder and longer lasting.

Here is % of oils I used:

  • Olive oil%
  • Coconut oil %
  • Canola oil %
  • Shea butter 7%
  • Castor oil 3%

I added some ground oatmeal and honey at trace, also some honey&oat meal fragrance oil before mixed well and pour into soap mould.

* Please run the lye calculator to get the accurate amount of lye and water needed for your recipe.

In this batch, I replaced the water to dilute lye with oat milk (oatmeal soaked in water overnight and the liquid is the oat milk). I freeze the oat milk before using it the  because I don’t want my soap turned out brown in colour. And yes of course freezing the oat milk helped, my soap came out creamy off-white YAY!! This time, the fragrance also survived better through the curing process at 3.5%, which I am very happy about.


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