Coffee Sugar, Anyone?

coffee sugar

I have only discovered this new type of sugar in the office this afternoon. My colleague was making her shopping list and mentioned “coffee sugar”, which at first I didn’t pay much attention to. I only noticed it when she came back from her shopping trip and loading stuffs to the office pantry. What the heck is coffee sugar?!?! It looks so similar to raw sugar in term of color but it is more coarse in texture.

Out of curiosity, I ran a google search on coffee sugar and here is what CSR states on their website:

Coffee Sugar Crystals

As the name suggests, this sugar is the perfect sweetener for coffee. A thin layer of syrup coated on the crystal provides a unique flavour. CSR Coffee Sugar Crystals impart a delicious yet subtle sweetness to coffee, dissolving slowly allowing the full flavour and sweetness of a great coffee to last longer. Its large crystals also make a delicious crunchy topping for desserts and ice-cream.
And apparently there are many other sugar brands who make “coffee sugar aka coffee crystals”, I must have been so ignorant being unaware of such thing all this time 😀 But then again, I don’t put sugar on my coffee these days as I learn to appreciate coffee now. And back when I put sugar on my coffee, I had only used regular white sugars. See, now you can understand how finding the existence of this coffee sugar really fascinates me!
Just like raw sugar, coffee sugar is also made from cane juice and contain some natural molasses, hence the golden colour. The idea behind coffee sugar is for coffee drinker to enjoy first sips bitter then gradually becomes sweeter, therefore it comes in larger crystal size.
In term of calories, here is a complete table comparing each type of sugars/sweeteners:

Kilojoules, sugar content and GI rating for sugars with glucose and fructose as comparison

SugarkJ% sugarsGI
Glucose powder1700 97100
White sugar1700100 65
Caster sugar1700100 65
Icing sugar1700100 65
Raw sugar1700 99 65
Demerara sugar1690 99 65
Coffee crystals1690 99 65
Brown dark sugar1630 96 65
Fructose powder1700100 15

Source: Food manufacturers except for GI values from the website

I am not really sure how it tastes like in coffee, have any of you readers try this? Does it really give much difference to your coffee as opposed to white sugar?

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