Ceci Korean Restaurant, Strathfield, Sydney

This is a very late post, never quite finished it all this time and while cleaning up my drafts saw it again. Anyway, we went here in June while mom visited us – in fact, this was the last dinner before mom went back to Indonesia again. We chose Ceci based on Zomato reviews and to tried a new restaurant in the area as well. Also mom loved the Korean black bean noodle (Jajangmyeon), but since not many Korean restaurants in Strathfield does it. Those reasons were what bring us to this restaurant.

We didn’t take many pictures here but here are the food we ordered:

Pork, Sausage, Vegie & Tofu Soup with Noodle – $38
Black Bean Noodle – $12
Seafood Pancake – $12
Deep Fried Spicy Boneless Chicken – $25
Fried Dumpling – $10

The food were not bad, but not outstanding that made us want t0 go back again either. Jajangmyeon was a let down, too greasy and not tasty, the noddle was cooked a tad too long. Then the crispy chicken with spicy sauce, I guess would have been a better choice if we ordered just fried chicken without any sauce whatsoever. Seafood pancake was nice, tasty and not too floury. The noodle soup was also good with generous pork and sausages.

All in all, we had a decent meal, it was not really that horrible but may be just not to our liking. There are plenty of positive reviews on Zomato of this place, but maybe it was not our lucky day or what not. But considering there are many more Korean restaurants around, we would try many others than coming back here.


Ceci Korean Restaurant

37 The Boulevarde, Strathfield, Sydney

Phone: (02) 8084 3171


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