Cat Cafe Melbourne

One of the thing I was looking forward to in our recent Melbourne trip was a visit to Cat Cafe Melbourne. I know, there is a Catmosphere here in Sydney that we haven’t even visited all this time (duh!!). But, this time around in Melbourne, we would definitely make a reservation to visit this cat cafe; especially because it is located in the CBD and not far at all from our hotel.

The Cat Cafe opens daily from 10am – 1pm and then reopens again 2pm – 6pm. And we booked a one-hour session starting at 10am, hoping the cats would be awake and more playful than in the afternoon. And boy we were wrong, most of them were actually sleeping hehehe. A few walked around or hid inside boxes and tunnels. The staffs said it might be due to the weather, it was cloudy and cold and grey; honestly I was sleepy too 😛

Here are some pictures of the cat residents of Cat Cafe Melbourne:

The entrance and stairs to upper level and cafe area


Few seating available


Main play ground – do you notice the hanging bridge on the ceiling, how cute!!


The cats – they are all huge fluffy balls!!


Love that water fountain and more sleepy cats…


List of all cat residents


There are two rooms for the cats: upstairs is a bigger room where most cats were there on our visit; also where you can order your food and drinks. Downstairs is a smaller room or what they called social room – there is Wii console and TV in this room.


Isolation Box on the downstairs room 🙂


And lastly, “scary” plot 😀

It was really fun to be here and plays with the cats. But, these cats being already centre of attention all day everyday; you would expect them to be quite ignorant to humans. Apart from that, I enjoy the quietness in here and look at those cats taking their time to play or sleep. Probably is a good place to reflects and get away from everyday stress/routines.


Cat Cafe Melbourne

30 Guildford Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone: (03) 9642 8540

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