[Review] Lia Cafe, Jimbaran

On our previous Bali trip, we went to Warung Mami and it was mind-blowing and definitely great place for seafood lovers! On this trip to Bali however, we decided to try on another one that is listed as top 5 on TripAdvisor, Lia Cafe. We’d like to see how good it is compared to all that we have tried before that it deserves such high ranking 🙂 Also, hubby craved for crispy deep fried squid, which unfortunately is not available at Warung Mami.

We left from the hotel around 4 pm on motor bike and set to Cafe Lia directly. The trip took about 40 minutes (includes some wrong turns and some light traffic along the way). We got to the restaurant before the dinner rush, so there were still plenty of beach seating available. And we are being not much of a romantic. chose the more practical seats inside the restaurant but looking out to the beach.

We chose type of seafood we’d like and how they are cooked as we walked in to the restaurant. And soon after we sat down, the waiter brought over our drinks, complimentary fish soup, fruit salad and nuts. And not before long, our order came out together, yeehaaa!

lia cafe
The fish soup, surprisingly refreshing and tasty
lia cafe2
Grilled fish
lia cafe3
Grilled prawn
lia cafe4
Grilled mussels
lia cafe5
Crispy squid – love this!
lia cafe7
The condiments – garlic oil, sambal matah and sambal terasi

The seafood are fresh and well-cooked, but we think both the marinate and sambals are lack of punch. It just felt a little too bland to our liking, but then again, I guess they adjust the spice to suit many international tourists hence they cannot be too spicy.

Overall it was a nice dinner, great view and we had good shares of seafood feast albeit didn’t taste as great as we had hoped for. The total spend for the dinner around AUD 44, pretty good right? But for the reasons we mentioned above, we may not be coming back, would love to try other places or just go back to Warung Mami 🙂


Lia Cafe

Jalan Pemelisan Agung, Jimbaran, Kuta Selatan, Kabupaten Badung, Bali

Phone: +62 361 709002




2 thoughts on “[Review] Lia Cafe, Jimbaran

  1. Too bad the sambal doesnt kick :). Is that common in Bali or only at this Cafe? I really like spicy and hot food. I am looking for your posting whose heat I can feel punching my mouth and nose 🙂

    1. Bali actually has a lot of spicy food, should try the nasi ayam Bali – my eyes were teary haha I guess this place adjust their spice level to suit tourists and kids (maybe). Lesson learned, go to the places recommended by locals and you’ll experience the punch 😀

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