Black Cherry Cheese Tart

Since I bought a jar of jam for bolu gulung weeks ago and still got half jar left on the fridge, I decided to give this cheese tart recipe a go. Rather than jut let the jam to go to waste, we should make use of it, right? I don’t usually have my bread/toast with jam and hubby prefers Nutella himself, so if I ever bough jam it would mainly for my baking experiments only.

A while ago I noticed recipe for these little cheese tarts with pretty patterns and of course, I put this on my to-try list. I think using blueberry jam will make the colour more pop out and prettier purplish. But since I have only black cherry jam, we shall use that instead.

For the tart pastry I use this eggless recipe simply because hubby prefers this texture than the one with egg. I think it is crispier and less crumbly compared to ones with eggs.

And here are the ingredients for the cream cheese filling (source here):

  • 300 grams cream cheese at room temperature
  • 80 grams icing sugar
  • 1 teaspoon lemon paste (I used 1.5 teaspoon of lemon juice)
  • 15 grams vanilla essence (I used 1 teaspoon vanilla extract)
  • 50 grams whipping cream
  • 25 grams sifted corn flour
  • 2 large eggs
  • your favorite jam for topping

Whisk cream cheese and icing sugar until fluffy and creamy.

Add in lemon paste, vanilla essence and egg one at a time while mixing until everything is combined.

Add in the whipping cream, mix well.

Fill the cream cheese filling to half-baked tarts. Then scoop your favorite jam on the top and make the swirling motion using a toothpick for marble effect.

Baked on 180C for 15 – 20 minutes or until the filling is set.

Let it chill before serving, the cheese custard texture will also harden up after refrigerated.

Still learning and experimenting on how to make a pretty marble pattern or heart pattern (still!)
Tips from me:

I think just like baked cheesecakes, better to leave the tarts cool to room temperature inside the oven after finish baking. Just let the oven door open very slightly and let the tarts sit inside until cool to avoid crack on the surfaces of cheese tarts.








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    1. Thank you for dropping by 🙂 Actually there are many other baking recipes that require no cream cheese and equally as tasty. Hope you get to try few recipes this weekend and happy baking xx lina

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