The Barn, West Ryde

We have lived in West Ryde area for some time now and all this time we often said we wanted to try this and that restaurants. And somehow that just didn’t happen too often and the list grows longer. Does this happen to anyone else or just us? 😛 Anyway, seeing that we might be moving to another suburb soon, we made effort to try cross some off our growing list.

This time we went to The Barn, just on the opposite side of West Ryde train station. I think it is fairly new (more or less a year) and interior looks inviting. They have tables with barbeque cooker in the middle and those massive exhaust pipe that hangs from the ceiling, hence no problem with smoky bbq smell lingering in your clothing. We went there on a Saturday night, around 7 pm and it was not full house, maybe 3/4 filled. There are few big groups of diners and few other couples.

Service was great, we were shown to our table right away, menu came soon then the chilled water. The waiters were friendly and helpful with advises and recommendations. Upon looking at their menu, prices are pretty much on par with other Korean restaurants in Sydney. On this occasion, we ordered a medium size hotpot, seafood pancake, two bowls of rice, and of course bottle of soju to share.

The food came out within 30 minutes of ordering and portion were huge! Love the hotpot, the broth was tasty and rich with generous amount of fillings. Same goes with the seafood pancake, it was fluffy inside and crispy on the outside. And that dipping sauce for pancake was delicious. I personally don’t drink alcohol often, but I enjoyed two glasses of that soju 😛

The side dishes and our grape soju


This pork bone hotpot is so good for winter, very hearty and warming – and this medium size is probably enough to feed three to four people 🙂


Yummy seafood pancake

We most definitely went home with a happy tummy and will happily return to try out their BBQ or other dishes 🙂 And, overall dining experience was good, nothing we could fault.


The Barn

1/14 W Parade, West Ryde NSW 2114

Phone: (02) 9807 7773

Menu source: Zomato


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