Baked Churros

The ordinary churros is deep fried and has that crispy skin, then lightly coated with cinnamon sugar and dunk into melted chococate or dulce de leche. Who can resist such yummy treat, right? Seriously…. To have this when eating out is nice, because you need not worry about cooking, oil splatter, cleaning up, etc and not to mention the amount of oil needed . This is why I have never even tried to look for any churros recipes knowing I will not give them a go anyway. Not until few weeks ago I stumbled on this recipe, couldn’t remember how I got there though. The recipe looks simple with not much mess and the churros seems to have that crisp, there are tips to help you achieve that crisp.

I followed the recipe to the dots and it sure didn’t disappoint! Except that my baking time is a little longer compared to the recipe, which is normal as every oven is different. What can I say about this recipe, it certainly is a keeper. You can whip out a tasty amazing treats in no time, without much fuss, taste great and on top of that, cause less harm to your waist line than the original version yayyy   ~(˘▾˘~)   (~˘▾˘)~

Fresh from oven...
Fresh from oven…

baked churros2

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