Adult Coloring

Adult coloring was such a popular trend last year (I think…) and there have seen so many posts on this topic. Honestly, I never bought the idea that coloring for adult will really help with relaxing, calming and what not it claims to be. As much as I admire how some of my friends’ coloring are beautiful, I always think of them as work of arts and hobby than a way of de-stress. Just recently I was given a page of coloring for adult picture and I decided to give it a go. Bought a pack of coloring pencil from local supermarket and started the project on weekend.

So did it really do what it claims to? YES, indeed! When I colored mine, there are a lot of details on the picture and I really got into it that I forgot everything temporarily for sure, namely time, my worries, and what I was supposed to do (aka house chores and cooking 😀 ). So I guess if you can spare few minutes a day to work on it, it will probably help calm you down in a long run. Even for someone like me who don’t have any art talents whatsoever could enjoy doing it, I find it is amazing 🙂

After this experience once, I think I would enjoy coloring every now and then. It is fun to play with colors after all, to try different pictures and see how it turns out (could be super wicked colored jungle or plain black and white mandalas maybe?). For anyone who like me, haven’t or just starting on coloring for adults experience, you should try to give it a go, too. There are many free downloadable pictures available online to start with, just see for yourself how effective it is in calming you down and if you want something more advanced aka more detailed pictures, you might be interested in investing a coloring book 🙂 *Disclaimer: I am not a creator/seller of any adult coloring book!


adult coloring2


adult coloring







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