2017 Japan Trip – Day 15

And finally we are here: the last full day of our 2017 Japan trip! On Day 15 we went to Tsukiji Market and spent the rest of the day shopping and packing. 15-day is far from enough for this trip, but we had really great time and enjoyed Japan much these past two weeks dearly!


Day 15 – 16

The first place we went to this morning was Tsukiji Market, is well-known as one of the world’s largest fish market. Note that the inner market, where the wholesale fish market and tuna auctions take place will close on 6 October 2018 and move to a new location at Toyosu from 11 October 2018. The outer market, where the retails and restaurants are open to public will remain at Tsukiji. For more information, please read here.


One of the alleys at Outer Tsukiji Market


We did not come that early to watch the tuna auction, so when we came around 9am, the market had already packed. The lines outside all those famous restaurants were already very long. We walked through all the alleys of the outer market and finally decided to join one of the shorter line. Perhaps it was not the best in the market, but we still had a great meal. But, would I come back and queue up early for the most famous restaurant there? Probably not, just because we feel the restaurants there mainly sell the same dish and being in the market, most likely they all use fresh ingredients anyway. So, yes we were content with what we had at Tsukiji.


The restaurant where we had our sashimi rice bowls 🙂


From here, we went to Tokyo station next. Originally planned to walk to Tokyo Castle, but ditched that plan due to shopping being in the higher priority. I will not bore you about how that went in the post 🙂


Inside Tokyo Station


That’s pretty much covers our Japan trip! I always praise how good their public transport is and how punctual they are, etc. Wait until the last day when we travelled to Haneda Airport: the train actually delayed! And it was not for just 5 minutes, stopped at Shinjuku for about 10 minutes, another 6 minutes at Shibuya and we gave up. We ended up took a taxi to Shinagawa station then took another train to Haneda airport. And that drama with train literally wraps up our holiday at Japan just before we headed back 😀


What we ate on Day 15

We got this sweet tamago roll from Tsukiji Market while deciding which restaurant we should queue up. The tamago roll is slightly sweet in taste and very fluffy. Yummy!


Looks like they specialize in tamago rolls and pudding (or egg products :P). Sadly, we did not try their puddings.


Massive tamago roll – ¥120


And, these were our sashimi bowls and grilled tuna. Delicious and super fresh sashimi!

Sashimi salmon, tuna, (steamed or boiled) crab leg, scallop and sea urchin – ¥3,500


Sashimi salmon, tuna, (steamed or boiled) crab leg, scallop, and fatty tuna – ¥3,500


Grilled tuna – ¥500


And, we thought since we had not tried Japanese curry since we arrived and it’s our last day, we should go for this. We went into this curry restaurant after shopping at Akihabara. It was not a wrong choice, great tasting curry – mind you they were really hot!!! Cannot recall the exact amount these costed us, but pretty sure it was under ¥2,000.


Hinoya Curry – Akihabara


Pork katsu curry rice


Bacon curry rice, very nice and tender bacon pieces

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