2017 Japan Trip – Day 13

Alright, down to the very last few days of our Japan trip. On Day 13, we left the magical world of Disney resort and back to real world 🙂 We left Tokyo DisneyLand Hotel at around 11 am and went straight to Shinjuku Station, in which we got coined lockers to store our luggage while we explored the area. And later in the day, we would be checking in to an AirBnb apartment at Shin-Okubo.



Day 13

Shinjuku Station is a massive station in Tokyo. I recalled many first time visitors got lost in there and as the matter of fact we did, too. We got there on the New North Wing, exited and walked around, some shopping malls. By the time we went back to the station from different entrance, we spent 20 minutes walked around in circle and unable to go back to the New North Wing again. The reason we needed to get there was to retrieve our luggage from one of the coined lockers there. In all the desperation, I remembered seeing Takashimaya Time Square nearby our coin lockers and that’s how we asked the train officer. Only then we learned it was the New North Building!

Following the direction from train station officer, we finally got to the coined lockers in time and went to the JR Yamanote line for Shin Okubo. It took only minutes from Shinjuku to get there and about 8 minutes to walk to our apartment. Once we left our luggage in the apartment, we went out again to Harajuku. It supposed to be one of the must go place in Tokyo, right? We both found it rather over crowded and the did not attract us that much. It was a quick walk along Takeshita Dori then we decided to walk to Meiji Shrine. Sadly, by the time we got there, it had already closed.


Takeshita Street - Harajuku
Takeshita Street – Harajuku

Next stop is Shibuya. No Tokyo trip is complete without a picture with Hachiko statue and walked through Shibuya crossing, right?


hachiko statue
The famous Hachiko statue just outside of Shibuya staion… It was almost impossible to take the picture of the statue itself as there were crowds queuing for selfie with the statue.



And it was dinner time again, I was determined to have sushi dinner at Genki Sushi. After dinner, we had more walk around the area, walked into few shops and finally made our way back home. That wrapped up our short Day 13, which we originally had planned for Ramen Museum at Yokohama and cancelled at the last minute.


Spotted this cute version of Hachiko in front of Donqi Shibuya


Blue Cave Shibuya Illumination 2017
Shibuya Ao no Dokutsu aka Blue Cave Shibuya Illumination 2017


What we ate on Day 13

We had our breakfast at Tokyo DisneyLand Hotel, a detailed review of our stay and experience can be found on the previous post.

That buffet breakfast had kept us full so long that we did not even need to have lunch. We bought some dorayaki and milk from 7-11 for snack in the afternoon and that was it. We were very slacked in taking pictures in the last few days of our trips, so unfotunately they were nothing to show here. By the way, out of all the convenience stores dorayaki, we agree 7-11 has the best version. There is just something about them that differ from other convenience stores’versions.

And for dinner, we had our ¥100 sushi train in Shibuya. Taste wise, they are obviously not the best. But, it was an experience to try out that kind of ordering system. You can also make your own hot green tea from your table, there is a hot tap water shared between every two seats. You can choose from the menu on the tablet provided, once confirmed you’ll wait for few minutes and your food will come to you. It’s a fun dinner and inexpensive yet very filling. Again, we totally forgot to take any pictures at all!

Image result for genki sushi shibuya
Genki Shushi Shibuya – courtesy of TripAdvisor




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  1. Takeshita St and that famous Hachiko statue, sweet reminiscent of my brief visit there. Thanks for posting!

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